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All of the evaluations that I conduct are through the Austin Psychology & Assessment Center (or ApaCenter). You can visit our website at The ApaCenter is comprised of Licensed Psychologists who possess different but overlapping areas of expertise. The ApaCenter focuses solely on assessments of children, adolescents, and adults. Most of our psychologists are also Licensed Specialists in School Psychology and have experience working within schools and with special education staff. So, we are able to tailor evaluations to meet the specific needs of schools when eligibility for special education and/or 504 services is in question.

Thus, no matter what your concerns are (e.g., dyslexia, ADD / ADHD, learning disabilities, bipolar disorder, chemical abuse/dependency, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), clients interested in 504 services at the college level), there is an ApaCenter psychologist with the right knowledge and skills to conduct a top-notch evaluation.  Unless otherwise noted, all ApaCenter assessments will include the following:

  • Review of developmental, medical, behavioral and family history
  • A clinical interview
  • Review of report cards, teacher information, results of school administered standardized tests (for students), and results of other psychological evaluations
  • Individual testing in areas such as cognitive abilities, memory, attention, academic and language skills, and emotional/behavioral functioning
  • A comprehensive report that includes answers to your specific questions, identification of strengths and weaknesses, diagnoses, educational/vocational implications, and recommendations
  • A 90-minute feedback session with the Licensed Psychologist who conducted the assessment

The ApaCenter offers the following assessments:

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