Parent Coaching & Consultation


I offer several varieties of consultation to meet the particular needs of clients. I consult with parents and educators to assist them in working more effectively with children and adolescents. For example, parents might have a teenager who is “out of control” and need assistance in improving family relationships and decreasing problem behaviors at home. I also offer parent coaching, which may include in-home visitations to assist parents in managing their children’s behavior more effectively and strengthening their relationships with their children.


I am also available to conduct presentations on topics such as positive and negative effects of video games on players, relationship-building strategies, and effective parenting techniques.

My specialty is on the effects of video and computer games on children and adolescents. Many parents and educators have great concerns about the effects that these games are having on children and adolescents due to the prevalence of games with violent content, the ever-increasing graphical sophistication of the violence depicted in games, and the number of hours that kids play these games. Learn what the latest research says about the effects of these games and some recommendations for parents and educators on how to minimize potential harmful effects and even on how to capitalize on potential benefits of video and computer games.

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