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Since some folks prefer to get information from videos, and I like to present, I’ve created a YouTube channel. The overall goal of my video series is about the search for truth and life satisfaction in a complicated world. My video series is intended to be engaging and informative. I cover topics such as tech/life balance, how we are being affected by technology, and improving well-being and life satisfaction. 

I hope that you enjoy our videos below, and encourage you to “like” and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Video Table of Contents:

The Reasonably Good Life Videos

Dr. Mike Brooks

VIDEOS: Dr. Mike Brooks

Episode 6: Which Wolf Will You Feed

Episode 5: Losing Ourselves to Anger

Episode 4: How to Win Arguments

Episode 3: How Can We Transcend Fear and Hate?

Episode 2: What's Behind the Hatred That Fuels Mass Violence?

Episode 1: Do Violent Video Games Cause Mass Shootings?

VIDEOS: Tech Happy Life

Episode 14: Checking Our Smartphone is the "New" Blowing Our Nose

Episode 13: A Healthier Relationship with Your Phone

Episode 12: How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

Episode 11: At What Age Should I Get My Kid a Smartphone?

Episode 10: Is Fortnite Ruining Your Kid?

Episode 9: What to Do When Your Kid's Screen Use is Out of Control

Episode 8: Addressing Screen Problems When They Emerge

Episode 7: The Green Light Level of the THL Model

Episode 6: The Foundation for Effective Parenting

Episode 5: Intro to the Tech Happy Life Model

Episode 4: Gaming Disorder - Are Games Controlling Your Kids?

Episode 3: Why Don't Our Screens Make Us Happier?

Episode 2: Teens, Tech & Happiness

Episode 1: Is Generation Z in Trouble?

Welcome to Tech Happy Life!