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Speaking Testimonials

SUSAN NEWMAN, PhD. | Middlesex County School District, NJ

We invited Dr. Brooks to New Jersey to talk to parents about children’s engagement with technology. His enthusiasm is contagious. Instead of offering parents a bunch of unrealistic goals and NO’s to contain their children’s device use, parents received surprising insights into technology’s grip on children. He put tech into a perspective that was an enormous benefit—and relief—to concerned parents at the same time he provided tips they can put to use immediately. Dr. Brooks is a win-win for parents and their children on the subject of technology.

Hilarie Cash, PhD, LMHC, CSAT, WSGC | reSTART Life, PLLC

Dr. Brooks is a knowledgeable and highly engaging presenter. His talks are full of wisdom gleaned from personal experience as a father and therapist. He presents research findings in a way that is easy to understand. His talks are great for parents, educators and therapists seeking knowledge that will help them help parents struggling with screen use at home.

Luke Larson – President | Axon

I run a company of over 1000 employees. In my discussions with the vast majority of parents who work there one reoccuring theme would come up as we would discuss raising kids. The sprawling reach of tech into our lives. I was fortunate to stumble on a blog written by Dr Brooks and then read the book Tech Generation. Page after page was like he had tapped into my mind (as well as my team) on the issues we were facing as parents. I was so impressed we picked Dr Brooks book for our monthly book club and were fortunate enough to have him come and speak to the entire company. It was the most highly rated event we’ve done all year and the line to get his book signed and talk to him afterwards was out the door. Strongly recommend this for parents of kids still in the home. Thanks Dr Brooks and Dr Lasser for compelling research and pragmatic recommendations.

Amanda Garrett – Director of Admissions | Fusion Academy

Dr Mike Brooks is beyond knowledgeable on the subject area and parents loved him. He presented to parents in the community and he connects with people so well and is so welcoming to questions and making sure people hear what they are interested about. Because he is so well researched in the topic, he could talk about studies and research well beyond what was on his slides. He was an absolute joy to work with and parents could have stayed for hours more. Highly recommend him!

Mandy Knittle – Programs Chair | Gorzycki Middle School PTA

Dr. Brooks presentation on technology addiction was eye-opening. It was a stark reminder that for all the advantages technology has given us, it comes with some very real challenges. Especially for children. I highly recommend it for any parent concerned about the effects of social media/tech on today’s kids.

Jim Fletcher – Men’s Pastor | Austin Christian Fellowship

Dr. Brooks did an outstanding job communicating the challenges parents face when it comes to kids and screens. He identified the issues and had practical solutions that parents could try with their kids. His presentation is not an “all or nothing” or “this is the only way” approach but rather a variety of options that parents can adopt to suit their family the best. Parents left the evening feeling encouraged and empowered. Dr. Brooks also had resources available that parents could take with them and put into practice. I would highly recommend him as an expert presenter in this field.

Lisa Hellmer – School Counselor | St. Gabriel’s Catholic School

Fantastic presentation! I’ve gotten a lot of really positive feedback from the parents and staff who attended. I really enjoyed it and your casual and very knowledgeable presentation style was fantastic! It really engages the audience and allows them to relate as parents and past teenagers lol.

Brigette Osborne – Parent | Barton Hills Elementary School

Dr. Brooks is such an engaging speaker and we felt very lucky to have him present Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World to our Barton Hills community. As parents we are inundated with so much information that it can be hard to navigate the data. Dr. Brooks not only explained how technology is affecting our families, but he also gave simple ways to implement changes in our lives to enable us to connect to our children again. It’s amazing what happens when you out your phone down and truly listen to your child. Thank you, Dr. Brooks!

Megan Gibbons – Parent | Sunset Valley Academy

There is a scientific reason that parents and their children struggle to find balance when it comes to screen time. Dr. Mike Brooks, in his presentation “Balancing Kids in a Hyper Connected World”, explains how the media industry has experts working to draw you (and your children) in and keep you there. Fortunately, Dr. Brooks has the answer to teach you and your children how to find a healthy balance. His straight-forward tips will leave you with a solid game plan on how to positively incorporate technology in your home that best fits your family. This presentation is one that every parent needs to hear.

Casie Wenmohs – Parent | Austin High School

Dr. Brooks’ research-based presentation was informative, interesting and engaging. What I liked most was that he provided practical next steps for families to help bring balance to how teens (and parents) use technology.

Meggan Carcasi – PTA Vice President| Kealing Middle School

Dr. Brooks presented at Kealing Middle School and we were very pleased with his presentation. He is well researched and has many insights on the topic of raising balanced children in the tech age. He was approachable and did not suggest anything that was unrealistic. Our parents did not feel lectured about how bad of a job we were doing. His advice was helpful, hopeful and attainable. We had wonderful feedback from all of the attending parents and we hope to have him out again. We also appreciate that he tailored his talk to our specific needs. Every parent should hear this presentation, it was invaluable!

Julie Westervelt – Founder | Sleep Crown

At times it feels like we are living in a scary technology experiment. As a Mom, the topic feels overwhelming and I don’t feel equipped to navigate the challenges to guide my daughter effectively. I’m so happy I was able to attend the book launch Event for Tech Generation at Book People recently. I really appreciate Dr. Brooks practical, accessible approach to a topic that feels overwhelming and large. Dr. Brooks and Dr. Lasser offer step by step, actionable guidance, often served with a little humor – which always goes a long way. Dr. Brooks seems like a really nice guy and is also a parent. He makes the whole topic seem less daunting.

Bethlyn Thornton – Teacher | AISD

Dr. Brooks has spoken at our school, Oak Hill Elementary, several times. He is an engaging presenter who speaks on many contemporary topics about kids. As a parent, I have found his presentations to be helpful and very down to earth. He has definitely alleviated some of my kid/technology concerns!

Jessica Wyatt – Parent | ACE Academy

Dr. Mike Brooks is excellent when is it comes to relating to an audience. Our school’s Parent Association had him present Tech Generation to our middle school children and our parents on separate occasions and both times Dr. Brooks was able to connect with both groups, relaying the importance of raising our Tech Generation. As a parent, I now have a whole new understanding of how to relate and communicate with my two young teenage sons—thank again and again Dr. Brooks. J. Wyatt parent of 2 young gamers