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Sadness, anxiety, lack of focus, irritability, and impulsive behavior may be related to many different causes. A thorough evaluation of personality features and current emotional and behavior concerns can provide clarity and options as you search for solutions. These assessments include screening of intellectual and academic abilities, plus standardized questionnaires and tests to clarify diagnoses and personality features. Some of the test procedures used in assessments of individuals experiencing emotional/behavioral challenges include interviews, behavior checklists, self-report measures of personality and behavior, and projective tests (e.g., drawings, sentence completion, story telling, inkblot). Procedures for very young children may also include play-based techniques. Assessment reports include recommendations for resolving troublesome symptoms, for building on strengths, and for developing new strategies to manage personal challenges. These assessments can also be used to determine whether the individual has an emotional disability that merits 504 services and accommodations at primary, secondary, and college levels.

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