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Welcome to my podcast, The Reasonably Good Life. The podcast is about using reason to pursue the Good Life in this complicated world. As far we can tell, we only have one life to live in this world, so it’s up to us to try to make the most of it. In my podcast, I cover topics related to happiness and well-being and interview guests on this subject as well. As an option, these podcasts are available on my YouTube channel as well. If you would like to be guest or have suggestions for topics to cover, please email me at

Season 2 
16 4/26/22 Zen Buddhism, Psychotherapy, and Living Skillfully
15 4/20/22 Navigating the Challenges of Psychotherapy (Interview by Karly Fritsch)
14 4/12/22 Life as a Psychologist (Interview by Emma Lian)
13 4/1/22 Are Screens Bad for Young People? (Part 2)
12 3/16/22 Are Screens Bad for Young People?
11 3/9/22 Leggo My Ego: Freeing Ourselves from the Tyranny of the Ego
10 2/15/22 Hold On Loosely: How and Why Attachment Can Lead to Suffering
9 2/8/22 Why Do We Suffer More Than We Need To?
8 1/23/22 The Purpose and Problem of Suffering
Season 1
7 10/28/21 Why Do We Believe in Fake News, Lies, and Conspiracy Theories?
6 10/13/21 Are Facebook and Instagram as Bad for Teens as We Fear?
5 10/6/21 Why Does It Always Feel Like It’s the End of the World Even When It’s Not?
4 9/17/21 6 Root Causes of the World’s Problems
3 8/27/21 What Is the Secret of Success?
2 8/21/21 What Is the Purpose of Life?
1 8/12/21 An Introduction to The Reasonably Good Life