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What Can Parents Do About Video Game Violence? (Part 8)

At last! Here’s the final part on the topic, Does Video Game Violence Cause Children and Adolescents to Become Violent? In this part, I focus on what parents can do about it. This is where the rubber meets the road! So, if you haven’t watched the other 7 (!) parts first, you can go back and view those to get the “full monty.” However, if you just want to find out what you as a parent can do to mitigate the potential negative impact of video games on your children, please watch this current episode.

If you are one of the ones (or the one?) who has watched all the episodes, thanks so much! This is an ever-evolving topic to which there are no easy answers. Video games are here to stay, and kids will continue to be drawn to them. As parents, we want to help guide our kids through these waters so they can capitalize on the many benefits of gaming while avoiding some of the negative effects. Hopefully, some of the information in this blog series will help you to do just that. 🙂

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