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The Best Way to Buy Happiness?

The irony of this strikes me as so hilarious. Want to know what, arguably, might be the best way to buy happiness? Here it is – to give your money away!
I’m completely serious though. There is much research to support the notion that people who donate their money to causes that they deem worthy experience a measurable increase in happiness. Studies cited in books such as The How of Happiness by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky demonstrate that people who use a given amount of money to buy things for themselves experience less happiness than those who donate that same amount of money to a cause. Think of Bill and Melinda Gates. I can pretty much guarantee you…there’s probably an interview with them on this subject out there…that they experience more joy in pursuing their philanthropic goals than they ever did in accruing billions of dollars.
Buying more things is a psychological dead end when it comes to happiness. If you have some causes that you believe in or charities who need your help, consider making a donation or contributing regularly. The joy you receive from doing so will be all the proof that you need that you are pursuing the right path.

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