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Category: Tech Balance (Demo)

It’s a challenge to find tech balance in our lives. Tech companies want us to be on our screens as much as balance, making tech balance hard to achieve.  Inherently, there are many ways that technology appeals to us that make it difficult for us to consistently say limit our tech use. For instance, technology can be used to meet our psychological needs. However, it makes it so easy to do so, that we keep reaching for our smartphones. Ironically, constantly reaching for our smartphones interferes with our ability to meet these psychological needs. For example, we have an basic need to connect with others to form need-satisfying relationships. Technologies, such as social media, enable us to do just that. But, they make it so easy to connect with others and receive status updates that we disconnect from those around us to do so.

Also, it is important to understand that tech balance is a process, not a destination. In this way, it is never “achieved.” It is more of an aspirational goal and a lifestyle to try to maintain tech balance.