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Self Liberation

Now, I’m on the same journey as everyone else, so I grow and learn just as you do. Thus, I expect my views to change some over time. Still, I’m very interested in finding some core truths that everyone can use to improve their lives. I’m comfortable saying that what I’m about to list here are things that I’ll continue to endorse as helpful in some way, shape, or form for the rest of my days.

From my own experiences, observations of the world around, my training and practice as a psychologist, as well as my spiritual journey, I think there are 3 main ways of liberating ourselves from our negative thoughts. What I’m going to do is just list each of these, and then discuss each in more detail in subsequent posts.

Here are 3 broad categories of ways of breaking the cycle of negative thoughts that are at the root of most (or possibly all) our psychological distress:

1. Change our behavior
2. Change our thoughts/perceptions
3. Get out of our heads altogether – instead of thinking or doing, we are being

I know these seem pretty straight forward, but sometimes it’s best to agree upon some of the fundamentals before moving forward. I’ll cover changing our behavior in my next post.

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