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Quick Healthy Eating Tip

I have a sweet tooth, which is often hard to fight. It’s natural that we crave sweets – we are hardwired for that. At one time, sweet meant fruits, and fruits are good sources of vitamins, fiber, and energy. However, as our society has developed, we now have capitalized on this natural desire such that we have created an endless array of tantalizing sweets to tempt us.

Instead of trying to vanquish this craving entirely (really, an impossible task), here’s a way to give in to the craving to your advantage. If after dinner you typically have something sweet, make the dessert start with fruit. Have the piece of fruit (or more if you want), and wait a few minutes. Then go for the cookie or ice cream. You will find that the fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth to some extent, and you will thus eat less of the sugar-packed, high caloric dessert.

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