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Positives for Customer Support

Have you ever had problems dealing with customer support over the phone? I know that I have. Have you ever complained about it? How about good customer support? Can you remember times in which a customer support representative really helped you out…in a way in which you felt like you were treated as a person in need and not just a number?

Customer support has to be a difficult job. These people have to deal with irate customers on a daily basis. One thing I’ve been trying to do more of lately is to be appreciative of customer support reps and, when I get really good customer support, I thank that person and ask to speak to their manager about what good service I received.

What’s interesting is that, if we take just 2 minutes to do this, we can totally make a person’s day. It never fails that when I do this that the customer service rep just lights up when I tell them how thankful I am and that I would like to tell their manager how much they helped me out. Not only does the customer service rep feel good, but we feel good that we helped them feel good. It’s tremendously empowering to think that we can take such a small action and help someone feel good for the rest of the day. And it will only take 2 minutes.

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