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How to Get Motivated – Part 2

What is the goal that you are trying to achieve? Be specific…write it down with objectives that can be measured. So, something like “I’m going to lose weight,” “Eat healthier,” or “Get in better shape” just don’t make the cut. Instead, create goals such as “Lose 20 pounds within 6 months from now,” or “Go running for at least 30 minutes, 3x per week.” You will have greater accountability with clear objectives…and less room to fudge.

To illustrate the power of this strategy, think of the difference in telling a friend that you should go out for coffee “sometime” versus setting up a get together at Quackenbush’s this coming Saturday at noon. You are much more likely to follow through on a specific commitment than a nebulous one. So, turn a vague goal into a specific one with measurable objectives. This can help you to become more motivated to follow thru.

Now, you are probably nodding your head that this makes sense and you’ve probably heard this recommendation before. Did you ever really try it though? Before you dismiss it, give it a whirl. There’s a reason that people keep recommending this strategy…it works!

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