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Getting Centered

What helps you feel centered? Finding activities that give us a sense of peace – that help us to feel grounded – are critical to our happiness. In the hustle & bustle of our lives, we often don’t slow down enough to find a sense of peace. There are too many places to go, things to see, people to meet, etc. Still, we’ve all had those times that give us a sense of peace and clarity…even if those times are fleeting. Think back…when was the last time that you felt that sense of peace? What were you doing? How long ago was it? Whatever the answer to the last question, it’s probably been too long.

What gives one person a sense of peace may be quite different from another. However, we should all endeavor to find what these centering activities are and ensure that we are doing them frequently. I think that a realistic goal is to find a little time daily to do some centering activity. It doesn’t have to take long…even a few minutes can be helpful. On a personal note, I’ve found a number of activities to be centering such as yoga, prayer, relaxed breathing, watching a sunset, and viewing the stars in the night sky. Make a point of finding the time and activities that help you to feel centered. These are the times that help us to appreciate how amazing life can be.

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