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Cell Phone Follies

The next time you are driving and considering making a call (or answering one) on the cell, ask yourself whether this is really necessary. The temptation of using the cell phone while driving is like the call of the Siren. Yes, it’s fun to chat on the phone while we are driving. Sometimes we can even conduct our business over the cell while driving. We can accomplish so much more this way, right? Can we really afford not to capitalize on this opportunity?

In short – yes! Talking on the cell phone increases our risk of having an accident, which is a steep price to pay for talking on the phone. You or someone else could be seriously injured or killed because we are not great multitaskers when it comes to driving and talking on the cell (even with the hands-free mics). You are deceiving yourself if you think otherwise.

So, the next time you are tempted to use the cell while driving, stop and take some slow, deep breaths instead (with your eyes open, of course!). If you really need to make a call, pull into a parking lot and give that person your full attention. Talking on the cell while driving is just not worth the increased risk when it comes down to it.

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