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An Alternative to Reading: Audiobooks

Maybe you are not like me and you are able to blaze through book after book without a hitch. At times and my life, I have done this. Since having kids, it has become more challenging though. I can definitely buy books faster than I can read them!

Well, I’ve come across a solution for me that might help many of you out there as well. Whether you have ADD/ADHD, a slow reading rate, dyslexia, a busy lifestyle, or just don’t like to read that much, audiobooks just might be the solution to your reading challenges.
Now, books on tape & CD have been around a long time. However, there was a limited selection and all those CDs were difficult to keep organized. Ah, welcome to the wonders of technology! I’ve been listening to my iPod for several years now and loving it. I listen to many educational and informative podcasts (one of my favorites is Radiolab). But it has only been fairly recently that I have been listening audiobooks. You can download these from the iTunes store or there are many selections available at other websites, such as

I can get through an audiobook in less than a week with no problem now! The available audiobook selections are growing by the day and the professional readers make it a joy to listen to most audiobooks. Plus, audiobooks are far better on the environment (e.g., saves trees, processing, and transportation costs) and stacks of books won’t clutter your home. You can listen when you walk the dogs, go for a run, fold laundry, clean the house, or are on long, boring drives.

So, if you haven’t tried audiobooks, I encourage you to do so. It could open up a whole new world for you and many others. It has done so for me!

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