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One of my favorite professional activities is giving presentations. I’ve been providing them to parents, students, school staff, churches, community groups, and corporations for twenty years. My goal as a presenter is to provide useful information in a fun, engaging manner. Although Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World is a popular presentation topic since my book came out, I present on a range of topics related to improving well-being and life satisfaction.

Please contact me to inquire about my presentations or to make arrangements for one.


    • How AI Will Change Our Lives
    • Finding Greater Peace and Joy in a Chaotic World
    • The Road Back to Normalcy After an Insane Year
    • Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World
    • Raising Successful Children While Enjoying the Ride
    • Changing the Narrative: Helping Children with Disabilities Cope with Emotional Challenges
    • The Perfect Trap: Managing the Drive for Perfection
    • What Video Games Are Doing to (and for!) Your Kids
    • Effective Coping Strategies for Children & Adolescents
    • Positive Approaches to Parenting
    • Encouraging Academic Motivation in Students
    • Fostering the Development of a Growth Mindset in Children
    • What Works in Therapy & How to Improve our Clinical Effectiveness as Counselors/Therapists
    • Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Pathways to Happiness & Well-Being
    • The Transformative Power of Mindfulness
    • Secrets to Developing and Maintaining Social Relationships
    • What Parents and Kids Can Do About Cyberbullying

Please contact me if you would like to make an arrangement for a presentation or if you have any other questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!