How to Achieve Greater Happiness in This Tech Happy World

Are you seeking a happier life in this tech world? Here’s how to start.

I’ve started a YouTube channel for Tech Happy Life, and this is my introductory vlog. Yes, I get the irony (hypocrisy?) of using YouTube, Psychology Today, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. as a medium to try to help people to unplug more often. Hey, I could just say don’t watch this and go take a nature walk! But, read on to learn how to maximize your happiness using screens.

BUT, I’m not here to say that technology is bad. I love screens as much as the next person. I truly believe that our screens offer many benefits. But as the old saying goes, there can be “too much of a good thing.” That quote is from Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Well, I googled it, and that’s what it says on See how useful technology is! And if we read something on the Internet, it must be true – right? 😉

I plan to cover a wide range of topics on weekly vlogs, including:

  • Tech addiction
  • The impact of social media on mood and relationships
  • Strategies for parents to use to help manage kids’/teens’ screen time
  • The positive and negative effects of video games on kids and teens

Tech Happy Life Isn’t Just About Screens

I want to be clear: Tech Happy Life is not just about screens. It’s also about how to live our lives onscreen and off in ways that maximize our happiness and life satisfaction. We are all in this together and, when we use our screens strategically, the have the potential to improve our lives in many ways. But we have to be careful, because screens exert an insidious pull on us that can quietly leach away our happiness and productivity.

As this is my first crack at doing vlogs, I promise to work hard at making these informative, engaging, and useful. You might need to cut me a little slack in the beginning as I work to improve my “video presence,” but I hope you will join me on this journey by subscribing to my YouTube channel or viewing them right here on Psychology Today. Cheers!

Transcript Of Tech Happy Life Introductory Video

Welcome to Tech Happy Life with Dr. Mike Brooks!

Tech Happy Life is about helping you and you family live a more balanced life in this technological world.

Let me tell you a little about myself – I am a licensed Psychologist, and a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology. I’m also the director of The Austin Psychology and Assessment Center, or APACenter.

So, let me be clear about something here at Tech Happy Life – I am not here to bash technology or throw it under the bus. We all know there are many benefits to technology, but we also know there are many downsides as well. Sometimes, as parents, we are literally in a tug-of-war with our kids and teenagers over their smartphones and tablets. What we’re about is trying to maximize the benefits of our technology and minimize some of the negatives.

I do want to let you know I have a book coming out on this very topic in August of 2018, called Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World by Oxford University Press, and I wrote it with my good friend and colleague Dr. Jon Lasser

In a way, we’re at the tip of a very formidable iceberg, and it’s not going to get any easier over time. And I’m in the thick of it. My wife and I live here in Austin with our 3 boys, and they love video games. In a way, they’re a chip off the old block – I am proud to say that my generation ushered in the video game era, and we all know how fun video games can be, but too much of a good thing isn’t good.

At Tech Happy Life, what I’m going to be doing is using empirical research, my professional experience, and even some of my personal experiences to help us navigate through these sometimes-treacherous waters. So, I hope you will subscribe to my Tech Happy Life YouTube channel, and learn more about how you can maximize your happiness in a world filled with technology and distraction.

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